So it’s my first blog…

So it’s my first blog,

A lot of friends have told me I should start blogging and sharing with you guys, my recipes, make up tips, wedding advice and everyday stories. So here it is, my first blog!

My name is Anisa and I just got married! (clearly not over it yet). Within this blog, I plan to add various stories and experiences about being newlyweds, various recipes (some great, some… a fail), fashion tips, and even home decorating tips! I do hope that I can keep up with my blogs and improve with them over time.  One thing that you may question is.. “What is neeture?”… Well, Neeture is a nickname that started up a few years ago.. How do you pronounce it? “Nee- tur”, not “Nature” (Yes I’ve really gotten that one before).

Anywho, now that you know a little bit more about me , lets start this blog off right! Glad that you could stop by! Please feel free to leave me comments about what you would like me to talk about! Can’t wait to officially start blogging.

Life with Neeture


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