Because in reality, you only live once!

Oh my God, so I’ve been thinking of all of these creative ideas for a blog post but I haven’t come around to actually sitting down, with coffee to write one! I posted a status a few weeks ago regarding beauty, weight, the media etc.

“I never understand why some people suffer from body issues/beauty. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, do not compare yourself to magazines which depict photo shopped images of models. Be comfortable in your own skin. #randomrant

I guess this comes from somewhere.  I’m a full figured girl, I’ve always been, I have never been that tooth pick skinny girl and yes there are some days where it bothers me but there are MOST days where I walk out of the house with confidence and am happy with my own skin. Coming from a culture that portrays fair skin and skinny girls to be the best is of course is not easy, especially when the food consists of oily chicken/beef and lots of carbs – pretty contradicting isnt it?! And it doesn’t help that the media is filled with photo shopped images of models, celebrities who look amazing and even friends who constantly talk about only eating chickpeas all day (you know who you are) – Side note: how is that even healthy!? #annoying

Anyway sometimes, you really have to ignore the photo shopped images around you, the crazy aunties who have no filter and enjoy your life because in reality, you only live once!

This weeks challenge is to do something opposite of what you are used to. For instance, walk outside without make up on, trust me… it opens a lot of doors to positive reinforcement.

& that’s it for this post, have a great weekend! xo


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