The Boot of the season – Combat Boots


autumn, you’re lookin’ good.

I know a lot of people who say “I can’t rock combat boots”. OF COURSE you can – you really never know until you try. Combat boots are my new favorite go-to! They add a rugged trendy look to any of your outfits. Not only are combat boots the latest fashionable trend, they are SUPER comfy! Trust me when I say I have issues walking everywhere, my feet hurt, I get blisters, my flats wear out etc. etc., I could come up with excuses forever! However, combat boots are the ultimate comfiest boots I have ever worn… I could literally run a marathon in them. Okay not really but you get the point. I have 3 pairs right now that I love.

The first pair are Madden Girl Zorrba Combat Boots that come in brown. You can fold them over so the inside material of the shoe shows. Pretty fashionable and trendy! I got these from DSW in the States however they do sell them in Canada. These Madden Girl Combat Boots are awesome because they can be simple and brown but can also add a trendy touch with the tribal print pattern on the inside.

The second pair are are Steve Madden Troopa Combat Boots that come in black! Oh my God, can I just say I love these guys?! I’ve had them for a couple of years now, and although they are a little worn out, I just keep polishing them and fixing them up. Never getting rid of these bad boys! If you are someone with big calves, these are the boots for you. They aren’t high enough to go up your calves but aren’t low enough to be ankle boots either – they sit right in the middle and are super easy to zip up. These boots come with a very small heel which is awesome because they aren’t completely flat and offer a sturdy support for your feet!

The last pair are the same Steve Madden Troopa Combat Boots as above but in brown! Awesome features to this boot. They are also designed to have that “faded” look, so they look a little vintage! I’m not completely sure but I think these boots are dyed so some parts of my boot are really faded from hitting it against something. I don’t mind though, either way they look vintage and trendy!

I never realized until right now that the only combat boots I have are Steve Madden boots…well they are affordable, comfortable and fashionable! What brand are you rocking? Any thoughts on Steve Madden Combat Boots? YAY or NAY? Check out my friend Hafsa’s last post on Fall Must Haves here in the link below! Guess I’m not the only one who loves combat boots!

Link to Hafsa’s blog on Fall Must Haves:


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