Making your life easier in the AM!

dressy blouse, pencil skirt, clutch, high heels

Hi everyone!

Hope this blog finds you well. Now, I am definitely not a morning person, I really never was. With that being said, getting ready in the morning could possibly be one of the hardest things I have to do. Ill be honest, there are days where I could not give a shit, I just can’t be bothered. But the days where I have meetings, interviews, so on and so fourth – I really have to step up my A game.

No one wants to slap on a pound of make up in the morning or curl their hair and wait patiently for each curl to be perfect. With that being said, I have come up with a few ideas that could definitely help you during  your morning routine… not only to make you look even more fabulous than you already do but to also do it in such little time!

  1. Shower and blow dry your hair the night before.
  2. If you want to change up your usual hair, tie it up into a sleek pony tail or a side braid!
  3. Use BB cream instead of a full coverage foundation. Not only does this BB cream hydrate your skin, it adds awesome coverage to your skin without being too heavy. – I recommend Smash Box BB Cream OR if you are looking for a cheaper route, try Maybelline BB Cream.
  4. Red lips! Red lips add fab and glamor to ANY outfit. Grab the most vibrant red lip you have and put it on. Red lipstick also makes it seem like you spent forever getting ready in the morning…little does everyone know!
  5. Use your best mascara to quickly give your lashes a boost! I recommend zoom lash by Mac (Kim K uses it of course), or if you are looking for a cheaper route, try Maybelline’s cover lash blast!
  6. And lastly, have your clothes ready to go from the night before! Your undergarments, socks, pantyhose, shoes and your outfit! It makes a world of a difference

A little preparation goes a long way! Good luck my 9-5 girls 😉


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