Feeling content with Life

Well well well.. it has been quite some time since I have been able to make a blog post, and let me tell you I have surely missed it! Irshad and I just got back from the Bahamas and Florida, it was an amazing honeymoon/vacation where we were able to finally spend some time with just each other… and no dawats (newlyweds, I’m sure you know what I mean).

While on our honeymoon/vacation, I had some time to really just sit on the beach without my phone, computer or anything that could distract me and just think about the past few years and how so much has changed. It’s sad, but life a few years ago could have seriously been compared to “The Hills”. Crazy friends, School and drama was my life, it’s like everyday there would be something new..whether it was an insane desi friend who would say the stupidest shit like: “Oh, so you can hang out with her but not with me? I guess I see where your real priorities are *hang up phone*” – like really, why the fuck are you so over dramatic?!

Or, it could have been that bitch of a friend who tells you, you look “dead” on one of your wedding events because you are wearing a nude lipstick.. omg seriously kill me now, HAHA.

It could even have been 25 year old desi girls getting upset because you didn’t invite them to your 19th birthday party. Sigh.

Dealing with the drama of bitchy, catty desi girls who learn from their mothers and Bollywood serials was not only exhausting but annoying. At one point in time, I noticed I was turning into them, saying things about people I did not mean, or doing things that I knew morally was not right. But, with that being said I have to say I am relieved that I was able to get rid of the bad and bring in the new.

At this point in my life, I can finally say that I am content! I have a close knit group of awesome friends who are kind, supportive and good hearted people. I have my husband who is also my BFFL! and the most cutest family who I get excited to see on the weekends when I can!

Life isn’t about exhausting yourself over people who only feed you negative energy. Seriously, get rid of them. It might seem like the biggest deal ATM but in a couple of years, you’ll laugh at yourself for not doing it sooner. Live your life to the fullest with positivity and love! Wow, I sound like a hippie, BUT TIS TRUE!





NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

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Good Morning Everyone!

Hope this blog finds you well. Today I’m going to write about a product that I have recently been using and have fallen in love with… the Nars Reflecting Loose Setting Powder in Translucent Crystal!

I use this loose powder over top of my liquid foundation and not only does my face feel soft and velvety, the product is weightless – you hardly feel anything on your face, in addition: a little goes a long way. The loose powder helps with creasing that always happens under my eyes – no creasing here! It enhances my make-up look without any color; in addition it extends my make-up wear all day, all night while remaining non-drying. Although the powder does not hide any flaws, it does help make lines, wrinkles and pores less noticeable on your face. This product also uses a combination of clean ingredients that work
together to transform light and add that perfect glow to your skin.

The way that it is packaged is also awesome! There are enough holes to make sure there isn’t too much or too little coming out. However, if you are planning to travel with it, I would recommend taping the holes JUST in case.

Before this powder came along, I was using Make up Forever’s HD powder and although I really did like that one, the NARS powder definitely has more benefits to it. There is no chalkiness to the powder and it doesn’t make me look extremely white and pale. In fact you can’t even tell I’m wearing a powder because it’s so light and weightless!

Ladies, please check out this product – you won’t be discouraged! Let me know
what you think!

Are you always late?

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to pass on my regular beauty, recipes and girlie type of blogs and talk about something that annoys me SO very much. It truly is my biggest pet peeve.

Why are people late? Why are people always late? When did it become okay for people to show up to things LATE?! How are you going to make it in the real world when you are late everywhere? Will you be late for an interview? Will you be late to deliver your baby? Will you be late for your wedding ceremony!? There is no reason for anyone to be late in this day and age. You have phones, watches and clocks around you everywhere.

Listen people, being late is going to get you nowhere. If you have issues arriving to events on time why don’t you start getting ready earlier and stop being lazy? You have to realize you are wasting other people’s time.  Or, if you are invited over to someone’s house and are running late, you need to let them know. What if they have already prepared food and have it warmed up on the table waiting? What if it’s a surprise party and everyone’s waiting for you so you don’t spoil the surprise? Keep In mind that the world does not go around your watch, sorry but you are not God.

Being late will not help you in your personal life or your work life. Being early will help you feel less clustered, organized and prepared. Think about not running out the door for once and leaving things behind, or people staring at you when you show up late to work or to a meeting. Wouldn’t you rather not be in these situations?!

Those who are always late to everything need to be respectful of wasting other people’s time. It is rude, just a little selfish and extremely annoying to others. If you find YOURSELF being late for everything, try to do something different this week to help yourself. If you need to turn your watch back 10 minutes or even an hour, do it.


And now that this rant is over, let’s end this blog on a positive note, Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week!

Kate Spade Inspired Basket

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope this blog finds you well!… even though tomorrow’s the start of a new week! =( I have really been meaning to make a post about this for the past 2 weeks but my 9-5 job just got a little crazier then usual!

On another note, I have an exciting new idea for a gift for any of your friends (or for yourself ;)) I have been living in a Kate Spade world forever now… I love her purses, wallets, watches, phone cases etc … and now Kate Spade has come out with STATIONARY! If you are a person who loves bright, girlie and colorful things – this could be super exciting for you! It was my friends birthday a few weeks ago and I decided to make a Kate Spade Inspired basket of goodness! All of the items were found at Indigo in Toronto, however they can also be found online or at the actual Kate Spade stores.

With that being said, I grabbed a basket, added some pink tissue and put the following items inside:

a) Some coasters – retailed at $20
b) Black Striped Thermal Mug – retailed at $18
c) Binder Clips (Set of 8) – retailed at $18
d) Eraser (Set of 4) – retailed at $12

I also added a gold My Agenda 2014-2015 Calendar! These can be found online at www.momagenda.com for $43 but on sale right now with 30% off! This agenda is THE best agenda ever!! I started using it 2 years ago and I can honestly say I use it everyday! It helps keep me organized and keep lists of things I need. The agenda comes in multiple colors and is perfect to throw into your purse wherever you go.

In addition, I also bought myself the black striped thermal mug as well as the “Glasses Pencil Pouch Set” which came with a few Kate Spade pencils inside! This was retailed at $28. I am going to use this pouch as my makeup bag whenever I just need to carry a few things!

I have to say I really love the Kate Spade collection that came out. It was a perfect gift for my friend, Pooja! She just got a new job AND it was her birthday, bright and colorful office supplies was the perfect gift for her. There are a lot of cool Kate Spade stuff at the actual Kate Spade store (which you can find at Yorkdale) OR at Indigo, retailed at pretty affordable prices! Check it out and let me know what you end up buying!

– She serves champagne with pizza and eats takeout on china – kate spade, new york.