Kate Spade Inspired Basket

Happy Sunday everyone!

Hope this blog finds you well!… even though tomorrow’s the start of a new week! =( I have really been meaning to make a post about this for the past 2 weeks but my 9-5 job just got a little crazier then usual!

On another note, I have an exciting new idea for a gift for any of your friends (or for yourself ;)) I have been living in a Kate Spade world forever now… I love her purses, wallets, watches, phone cases etc … and now Kate Spade has come out with STATIONARY! If you are a person who loves bright, girlie and colorful things – this could be super exciting for you! It was my friends birthday a few weeks ago and I decided to make a Kate Spade Inspired basket of goodness! All of the items were found at Indigo in Toronto, however they can also be found online or at the actual Kate Spade stores.

With that being said, I grabbed a basket, added some pink tissue and put the following items inside:

a) Some coasters – retailed at $20
b) Black Striped Thermal Mug – retailed at $18
c) Binder Clips (Set of 8) – retailed at $18
d) Eraser (Set of 4) – retailed at $12

I also added a gold My Agenda 2014-2015 Calendar! These can be found online at www.momagenda.com for $43 but on sale right now with 30% off! This agenda is THE best agenda ever!! I started using it 2 years ago and I can honestly say I use it everyday! It helps keep me organized and keep lists of things I need. The agenda comes in multiple colors and is perfect to throw into your purse wherever you go.

In addition, I also bought myself the black striped thermal mug as well as the “Glasses Pencil Pouch Set” which came with a few Kate Spade pencils inside! This was retailed at $28. I am going to use this pouch as my makeup bag whenever I just need to carry a few things!

I have to say I really love the Kate Spade collection that came out. It was a perfect gift for my friend, Pooja! She just got a new job AND it was her birthday, bright and colorful office supplies was the perfect gift for her. There are a lot of cool Kate Spade stuff at the actual Kate Spade store (which you can find at Yorkdale) OR at Indigo, retailed at pretty affordable prices! Check it out and let me know what you end up buying!

– She serves champagne with pizza and eats takeout on china – kate spade, new york.




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