Are you always late?

Hi Everyone!

I’m going to pass on my regular beauty, recipes and girlie type of blogs and talk about something that annoys me SO very much. It truly is my biggest pet peeve.

Why are people late? Why are people always late? When did it become okay for people to show up to things LATE?! How are you going to make it in the real world when you are late everywhere? Will you be late for an interview? Will you be late to deliver your baby? Will you be late for your wedding ceremony!? There is no reason for anyone to be late in this day and age. You have phones, watches and clocks around you everywhere.

Listen people, being late is going to get you nowhere. If you have issues arriving to events on time why don’t you start getting ready earlier and stop being lazy? You have to realize you are wasting other people’s time.  Or, if you are invited over to someone’s house and are running late, you need to let them know. What if they have already prepared food and have it warmed up on the table waiting? What if it’s a surprise party and everyone’s waiting for you so you don’t spoil the surprise? Keep In mind that the world does not go around your watch, sorry but you are not God.

Being late will not help you in your personal life or your work life. Being early will help you feel less clustered, organized and prepared. Think about not running out the door for once and leaving things behind, or people staring at you when you show up late to work or to a meeting. Wouldn’t you rather not be in these situations?!

Those who are always late to everything need to be respectful of wasting other people’s time. It is rude, just a little selfish and extremely annoying to others. If you find YOURSELF being late for everything, try to do something different this week to help yourself. If you need to turn your watch back 10 minutes or even an hour, do it.


And now that this rant is over, let’s end this blog on a positive note, Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week!


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