Winter Fashion

Hi ladies!

Seems to be a cold day out in Toronto today, feels like -40! Actually, it’s really been cold for the past few weeks. Since we’ve been back from vacation, I unfortunately got very sick and had to take antibiotics for Bronchitis and an Ear Infection, so really my life has not been too much fun for the past few weeks. #sickgirl

While being in this horrible cold weather, I’ve noticed that some girls bundle themselves up so much with baggy jackets and clothes that there is no fashion to their outfits! I get it, its cold, you wanna cover up and you don’t really care – well what happens if you meet a recruiter in an elevator and want to share your business card for a job prospect in the future? Okay that’s the recruiter in me and I’m being a little over dramatic here but you get the point. Isn’t it always best to always look great, so you feel great? That.. my friends, can be done, EVEN in the cold weather.

Below are some of my favorites for the Winter Season!

1. Oversized Hooded Coats
I have the first and third coat in this picture, both from Zara. I LOVE the over sized hoodie effect, I feel like it’s a nice security blanket in a way. The coats keep you super cozy and warm, perfect for the winter season as it adds warmth and fashion all in one.



2. High Knee Boots

These are my favorite wide calf high knee boot from Steve Madden! They are called the “Creation” boot and fit perfectly for girls with wide calves! The only issue I have with these boots is the material. Because you can get salt on them easily, you have to pick and choose what day you can wear these boots. But that’s okay because they are knee high, cute and fit everyone!

3. Wool Infinity Scarves and Headbands

Aldo is specialized for awesome infinity scarves and headbands! Not only are they cute and in style, they also keep you warm. The grey scarf that I have pictured in this blog is one that I own right now. Although the material does get on my black jackets, its worth it because it keeps you warm around your chest, neck and ears! The headband is also one that I have (in every colour) and I have to say I sometimes even keep it on in the office :$. Theres always that one day where you decide to put your hair up in a ponytail and on that day, this headband will add character to your look!

4. Fur Scarves
UMM, I don’t even know what to say about this one. I know that this scarf trend came out in the Fall season but I have to say its carried over in the Winter season and I LOVE IT! Okay, yes maybe it does not help in the “warmth” department as much as the infinity scarf might buuuuuuuut its definitely fashionable and a glamorous touch to any outfit! In fact, I just might wear mine tonight!


And that’s all ladies! A few simple items that can not only keep you warm but add trendiness to your look! Oversized hooded coats, high knee boots, infinity scarves/headbands and fur scarves all at low prices! Keep warm and trendy!




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