My Personality Type

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! Prior to the Christmas holidays, my colleagues and I were asked to take a personality test online which we then discussed last week in a meeting. The test was quite interesting as we learned about each other and various personalities using the Majors Personality Type – Elements test. I was labelled with an ESTJ personality (Extraverted Thinking with Introverted Sensing). Although we learned a few facts about each personality, I was very interested in learning more about my own and seeing if my assumptions about my personality matched the Myers Briggs methodology. With that being said, I made my way home after work and did some research about the ESTJ personality and came to a realization that about 99% of the facts online were quite true (even if I do not want to admit it sometimes).

Over the years, my family and friends have concluded that I have OCD, lol! I am quote on quote, crazy when it come to organizing, planning and making sure everything is concrete.” ESTJs live in the present where their eyes are constantly scanning the environment surrounding them, making sure that everything is running smoothly and systematically”. This is true for me, I always like to make sure that there are no problems in my day and that things are running smoothly or I feel irritated, bothered and definitely annoyed. If I had an argument with someone, I find that I have to let them know how I feel or fix the issue so I can go about my day.

When I was younger, my parents would always pick on me and ask me why I had to be so bossy. When I would play with the other children, I always noticed myself taking charge and giving the other kids their labels in the games we played.. “You’re going to be the mom, you’re going to be the dad, and I’ll be the teenager!” If it didn’t go my way, I didn’t like it. Unfortunately, as much as I try to be less bossy and let someone else handle something, I juuuust can’t do it to this day!  We had a lot of bridal showers this past year for a couple of my friends and I just had to take charge. In my mind, sometimes I feel others are incompetent and lack organizational/planning skills – I know, I know! Way to be straight forward. I try to think otherwise, but it is hard for me! According to the research I’ve done online, ESTJs are take charge people! “They always have a clear vision of how things should work and naturally step into leadership roles” (that explains a lot doesn’t it? Lol). “ESTJ’s are self-confident and aggressive; in addition they are extremely talented at actioning plans and at organizing steps to achieve a specific task”. Lastly,” ESTJs are often times also very demanding and are likely to express themselves if someone isn’t meeting their standards and are very opinionated”. It’s mean, but I am at most times very straight forward and honest, especially if I do not like the way something is being done. If I do not say something, I find myself getting more irritated by the persons every move.

Some of these factors may be considered weaknesses to the general public, for ESTJs like myself, it is sometimes difficult to label these factors as a weakness when we believe that we are always right! Some ESTJ weaknesses include the “tenancy to believe that we are always right, always be in charge, impatient with inefficiency and sloppiness, not naturally in tune with what others are feeling, not naturally good at expressing feelings and emotions, may inadvertently hurt others with insensitive language, tendency to be materialistic and generally uncomfortable with change”.

BUT GOD, we don’t just have negative traits to us… we’re quite positive as well! “ESTJ’s tend to be enthusiastic, sharp and witty. We like to hear good jokes and enjoy telling them as well” (I know, I’m pretty hilarious). Apparently “we are valued by our friends for always being dependable and upbeat, easily engaging in various pursuits. We are known to put a lot of effort to fulfill our duties and obligations, responsible, usually good with money, not threatened by conflict or criticism, interested in resolving conflict, take commitments very seriously and are able to disciple when necessary”.

I used the links below to find out more about my personality. I also paraphrased a lot from the websites below to introduce you guys to the ESTJ personality type. Feel free to do a test online and learn more about your personality!

Although I already knew these things about myself, I guess I can now confirm that I do like structure, order and to be in charge. People annoy me when they are incompetent and if plans do not go my way, it bugs me until it is fixed. Lmao. I am great with my relationships, when I love I really love, my friends can depend on me and I build long lasting relationships, if I feel the person is a great companion. If a friend screws me over, it is easy for me to say goodbye. I have no time or patience for people who do not believe in the same values and beliefs. I am not laid back and am quite straight forward, sometimes without thinking about other peoples feelings. That’s just me.


One thought on “My Personality Type

  1. Wow Anisa, I’m so glad for this post. Sometimes it’s hard to look at ourselves critically. I am sure now that you see that there is actual research done, you can now look for ways to tone down some of the negative traits and really work on bringing out the positives ( which there are many) Great post Girly!

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