My review of DASH New York!

Hi friends!

On Valentines Day weekend, my husband and I went to the big apple with two of our closest friends, Fatma and Oomar. We called it “Fatma and Anisa take New York”, “Couples Trip” and finally “The Newlyweds take NYC”. Going only for the weekend, I wanted to make sure we went to DASH in Soho no matter what! We got to New York on the saturday and were rushing to get ready and leave the hotel as soon as possible so we could get to Dash before it closed.

After putting on a cute outfit and being thrown into the craziest snow storm ever,  receiving the wrong directions and getting frustrated, we FINALLY made it to Dash a half hour before the store was closing, and boy was I EVER HAPPY!

The boutique stands out amongst other stores on the path with its big white pillars and modern yet simple look in Soho. Once you walk into the high ceiling store, you’ll find a bunch of crazy fan girls (ie – me), some pretty nice sales associates and a couple security guards alongside some expensive yet fashionable items. The 3 sisters: Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have their pictures framed on the left side of the store alongside racks of women’s clothing and accessories. Near the check out area on the right hand side, they had the Kardashian brand accessories organized. You could find anything from make up pouches, bags, perfumes, keychains, pens and pencils. Unfortunately everything was marked at ridiculous prices but really – what do you expect? They also had their jewelry line presented which was on point but rather expensive as well.

The cashiers were extremely sweet. I of course, was lame enough to ask them if I could have a “Dash” bag instead of just throwing my items in my purse. They were extremely nice and made me feel comfortable. One of them mentioned that they see Kim, Khloe and Kourtney often – whenever they are in town. (Which just happened to be the following Monday by the time we already left NYC, obvs that would happen to me #whatsnew #badluck). I couldn’t leave the store without buying a few little things as memorabilia. I bought a pen, pencil and nail filer, I think it call came up to about $26, not bad for an excited fan.

All in all, the store was clean, sales associates were very nice and the items were on point and trendy. We (Fatma and I) enjoyed our time there while the boys couldn’t wait to leave. Check out pictures below from our experience at Dash. I OBVS took pictures #whoarewekidding

photo 5

photo 1 copy     photo 4

  photo 5 copy

photo 3photo 1


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