Recipe: Oreo + Brownie Chocolate Trifle


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

It is tiiiiime for a recipe blog post. First of all, don’t mind my ugly writing on my little chalkboard – I was in a rush. I made this chocolate trifle a few weeks ago at our first house warming party! It was an Oreo and chocolate filled trifle that was creamy, delicious and not too chocolately! It finished so fast and the kiddies (and adults) were coming back asking if there was more left, it was simply a big hit!

Now, it is nooothing special, it was super easy and seriously took no time. So, Let’s get started!

You will need:

1. Chocolate Brownies (I used store bought brownies, aint nobody got time to make some when you are throwing your first house warming)

2. 1 tub of Cool Whip

3. 2 packs of Jell- O Chocolate Pudding Mix

4. Oreos

5. A Trifle Dish


Step 1: Prepare your chocolate pudding mix and leave it to the side until later. Also take your cool whip out of the freezer and let it defrost for about 10 minutes prior to using it.

Step 2: It’s time to LAYER! At the bottom of your trifle add your brownies! I broke mine up into bite size pieces so they would be edible.


Step 3: Grab a dollop of your cool whip (defrosted) and spoon a semi thick layer over your brownies.


Step 4: It’s chocolate pudding TAIMEEE. Grab another dollop of chocolate pudding and throw it on top of the cool whip.


Another picture from the outside of the trifle dish (don’t the layers look pretty?)


Step 5: I really could have done this in a “prettier” way but it’s going into your tummy either way right? So what does it matter. #timesarehard. This layer is all about your favorite cookie. I added some Oreo’s right on top of my chocolate pudding layer.


Step 6: I then added more chocolate pudding on top of the Oreo’s and coated evenly! The Oreo’s were pretty much sitting in between 2 layers of chocolate pudding which made them soft and moist, easy to eat and delicious.

ImageStep 7: Then, add the rest of your brownies (in bite size pieces) on top of the chocolate pudding.

ImageStep 8. Now you could stop at Step 7 but when you have more room in the trifle dish, why wouldn’t you continue? Add another dollop of Cool Whip and make a smooth finishing layer with your silicone spatula (or a spoon to be less fancy).


Step 9: DECORATING! I totally messed up on this part. I ran out of Oreo’s! #sadtimes SOO my decoration on top looks pretty ugly. Feel free to do whatever you want! What I should have done is crushed up the Oreo’s I did have and sprinkle them on top. It would have looked way prettier then my half Oreo and half graham cracker crust décor :S #noshame


And that’s it ladies and gents! I hope you enjoyed this trifle recipe as much as my family enjoyed eating it! Let the trifle sit in the fridge for one night before you serve it. By doing this, the Oreo’s and brownies become SUPER moist and all the flavors sink in with one another.

In addition, remember to use COOL WHIP instead of Whipped Cream (yes they are two different things). If you use whipped cream (the ones that you can spray out of a can), it will dissolve over night in the fridge and then your layers… they wont really look like layers. So SKIP the mess & the drama and use Cool Whip.

Lastly, remember you don’t have to use the same items I used, you can use anything you have at home. Instead of Oreo’s, you can use Chocolate Fudge Cookies? instead of chocolate pudding, you can use vanilla? You can even top with strawberries. Do whatever you like, it’s your trifle!




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