Ramadan Etiquette – The do’s and don’ts!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are doing well on this beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Ramadan so far has been great! Breaking fasts at the end of the day always feels like an accomplishment, Praying Namaz regularly and becoming closer to God feels so calming and trying to live in a positive mindset is always a beautiful way of life.

Since we’re half way through Ramadan and closer to Eid, I have got to share the things that I personally notice during this holy month.  It’s that time again to post some ladylike laws! (Well, I guess this applies to men too). Now without further a-do, let’s get to it!

  1. Be Polite – If you do not celebrate Ramadan, please do your research prior to asking questions like: “No water?!”, “No milk!?”, “Are you sure this is good for you?!” and finally… “Does this mean you can’t have soup!?” (Yes, this question was really asked this Ramadan, lol #dying).
  2. Prayers – When it’s time to pray, don’t make assumptions and assume that we’re not praying for the heck of not praying. Straight up, we females have something called A PERIOD. Please don’t make it even more awkward for us and ask “SISTER, why aren’t you praying?!” So embarrassing.
  3. Traditions – Every family has various different traditions while celebrating Ramadan. This could mean that you have a quick date first, pray and then fully eat your iftaar. Or, it could mean that you eat first and then pray. Whatever the case is, don’t make those around you feel uncomfortable. After all, we are all in this together and our purpose at the end of the day, is the same. Be open to how others celebrate their traditions during Ramadan.
  4. Judgmental People – OH LAWWWWD help me. No one is perfect and I feel that some judgmental people pop our especially during this time. What is truly the point? Your fast isn’t going to count. If someone posts a status about helping out at a shelter during the holy month of Ramadan, encourage them and try to do the same. No point in being hater. #hater #youknowwhoyouare Exercise your mind to being less judgmental.
  5. Positive Reinforcement – Although we are super tired with low energy levels, fasting is voluntary to us, we are not forced to fast, so please don’t feel sorry for us. Be positive; let us know that there are only a few more hours in our day to go. Being Negative Nancy isn’t going to help us get through our day in any way.
  6. Work Lunches – If we decide to participate in work lunches during Ramadan, do not worry about eating in front of us. In fact, its more sunah for us to do so! We all appreciate that you care and feel bad eating in front of us, but we really don’t need to talk about it every single time we go to lunch.

During Ramadan, Muslims feel compassion for those who are less fortunate, they build self-control and purify themselves. Help one another by being polite, respecting traditions, not being judgmental, and by being a positive person. xoxo


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